Should I move to Montana? Why we did…

We have all taken a vacation or visited somewhere and thought to ourselves…hmmm I could live here! Well that happened to me in 2018 when I was on a trip with my bestie to visit her family in Canada. I had the exact thought: Should I move to Montana?

We left on our road trip from Arizona end of June. Our every intention was to drive as quick as we could and as long as we could each day until we reached our destination…Canada. As we drove through Utah and Idaho I admired the pretty open space and rolling hills and green valleys. Then we entered into Montana and oh my goodness was my breathe taken away.

The massive, beautiful mountains and rivers and streams were all around us as we drove through the canyon passes. Not to mention, western Montana is full of so much greenery! Fir trees cover the mountains and some of the hill sides. Most of the ranches have lush grass for their livestock to feed on. We passed by big horn sheep on the side of the road.

My thought at this moment was again…Should I move to Montana?

At that moment I told myself that I would move and raise my family in western Montana. I gave myself a 5 year plan to get everything sorted out. However, that plan was cut a little short. Montana, and more specifically, Hamilton became our home. We moved here April 2022.

Moving to Montana has been the scariest, but most invigorating decision I have ever made. Our little small town of Hamilton is perfect. It feels like home. Looks like home. It is home. My family has never been so happy living a small town life.

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